Jackson County Historical Society

Washington Western Lands Museum

The Washington Western Lands Museum sits along the bank of the Ohio River
at Ravenswood, West Virginia.  
The museum is located at 220 Riverfront Park  and is housed in the former
Lock House of the U. S. Corps of Engineers Locks and Dam #22.
Visitors to the museum can experience the feel of a 19th century parlor facing the river, examine photos and artifacts relating to river travel, explore displays of by-gone businesses in Ravenswood, as well as test their knowledge of old tools, containers, and household items.
Across the street from the museum is the Sayre Log House, a 19th century home which was moved to the park from Cow Run in 1983.  Inside one will find everyday items used by the family.  Out back is an herb garden.   
In April 2020 the Jackson County Historical Society donated the Sayre Log House and the contents of the museum to the City of Ravenswood.
 Contact the City of Ravenswood regarding future plans or visit their Facebook page